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Zain launches dedicated 5G Zone at the Avenues Phase 4 branch

KUWAIT: Zain team at the company’s branch in the Avenues Mall, Phase 4 – Electra

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, launched a dedicated 5G Zone that offers customers the opportunity to experience the true capabilities of 5G technology at its branch in the Avenues Mall, Phase 4 – Electra. The zone offers Zain customers a hands-on experience to test various 5G applications and learn about the huge capabilities behind this revolutionary new technology. 

Zain recently launched its 5G Internet bundles for postpaid customers after the company’s announcement last May of the full readiness of its network for the commercial launch of fifth generation wireless technology (5G), making it the first operator to offer 5G technology in the GCC region via the Kuwaiti market with nationwide coverage of all areas.

Zain’s newly-launched 5G Zone, located inside the company’s branch in the Avenues Mall, Phase 4 – Electra, offers customers a live, hands-on experience of 5G technology compared side by side with the previous generation network. The available demos feature various applications, including online video gaming, entertainment devices, video streaming services, downloading heavy files, smart home devices, and more. Zain will be dedicating more 5G Zones in other branches soon.

Zain dedicated this zone to offer customers a direct and interactive experience of 5G speeds instead of relying on traditional online speed tests. In addition, the zone offers customers an opportunity to explore the huge capabilities behind this revolutionary new technology, and learn about how it enhances users’ everyday lives and boosts productivity. Through the zone, customer can also ask about Zain’s multiple 5G Internet bundles and select the plan that best suits their personal and professional needs.

Last May, Zain unveiled that it succeeded in designing an integrated network for 5G services built on a world-class infrastructure. This came after the official announcement made by Kuwait’s Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) to grant Zain the needed licenses for telecom operators to launch 5G services in the Kuwaiti market. This technology will contribute to fully launching the Zain’s potential within the digital community and further reinforcing its leadership in the ICT sector. To commemorate the commercial launch of the service, Zain temporarily changed the name of its network to “Hello 5G” for 48 hours.

Zain has always been one of the first companies to offer the latest generations of telecommunications technologies. As the telecom sector is currently directing towards digital transformation with significant pace, it is evident that current mobile telecom networks will not be capable of satisfying the future needs of the sector with what is currently available. For that, Zain’s impending commercial launch of 5G services comes to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving lifestyle patterns of the community on all levels.

The revolutionary fifth generation wireless technology (5G) offers endless applications that can be summarized in three main uses. The first use is enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), which can be considered a direct extension and progression of the current 4G LTE networks, offering faster connections, higher throughput and more capacity.

The second use is Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLCC), which means a 5G network is reliable for mission critical applications that requires uninterrupted and robust data exchange. The third use is Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC), which will be enabled by 5G networks to serve as an infrastructure and an enabler for the new applications that are expected to mature in the near future.

Reports and forecasts refer to the huge potentials that will be offered by 5G technology, as well as the many opportunities it will offer for the various industries, such as e-commerce, retail, government transactions, energy, public and safety facilities, healthcare, public transportation, media, entertainment, and financial services. Furthermore, 5G services will enhance essential services, and will further push the telecom sector to a new phase of growth.

5G technologies will offer ultimate access, where people and smart devices within the community will communicate with each other in entirely new fashions. The flow of information will be smooth and continuous, while the highest degrees of coverage and unlimited speeds will be possible with this generation of networks.

The real value of digital information lies not just within the information itself, but rather in the new innovative services that can be obtained from them. The nourishment of digital economy will be possible, as well as achieving positive change in manufacturing methods, current lifestyles, and more. All this will ultimately enhance the lives of people for the better

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