Zain offers ‘eeZee Flexi’ with up to triple monthly benefits

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced the offering of a unique digital platform for prepaid customers entitled ‘eeZee Flexi’ under the theme ‘eeZee got easier’. The new platform gives customers the ease and flexibility of customizing their very own plan as per their unique needs via the Zain App or MyZain online portal, while giving them a chance to get double and triple benefits every month for the same original price.

Zain specially designed this unique digital platform for prepaid (eeZee) customers with the aim of opening up entire new horizons towards their usage needs in line with today’s ever-changing digital lifestyle. The company is keen on offering its customers an added value and meeting their unique needs and aspirations, while giving them double and triple monthly benefits as a sign of gratitude to the biggest family of subscribers in Kuwait.

Prepaid (eeZee) customers can now launch the Zain smartphone app or open the MyZain online portal and choose from a wide range of options to customize their very own plan from scratch as per their priorities, needs, and preferred budget. Customers can easily choose from six options for Internet caps, five options for number of Zain-to-Zain minutes, six options for number of local minutes, five options for number of international minutes, and three options for unlimited benefits (which include social media, WhatsApp, and YouTube). 

Once a customer specifies the options that best suit their needs, the final plan price will be shown, where they may add or edit options as they see fit. Once a customer activates the plan they customized, it will be valid for 30 days starting from the activation date, and it will automatically renew when the period is over. The minimum amount for a plan is KD 5, and the platform is available for all prepaid (eeZee) customers who have had a line for 30 days or more.

When a customer commits with auto-renewal on-time (meaning enough balance is available to renew after the 30-day period), they will receive double the benefits they have selected (such as minutes, Internet caps, etc.) in the next month for the same original price. If a customer continues to commit with auto-renewal on-time in the following month, they will receive triple the benefits they have selected the month after for the same original price. Any unused minutes or Internet caps will be transferred to the upcoming month and added over the doubled/tripled benefits at no extra charge.

Once a customer activates the plan they have customized, they have the ability to prepare a different plan with different benefits for the next month anytime during the current plan’s period by simply tapping on “Set Next Plan”. Zain offered this feature for customers who may have changing usage habits that change from time to time, offering them the ease and comfort of not having to auto renew the same benefits they might not need in the future. 

The unique platform was specifically designed to complement the needs and aspirations of Zain’s prepaid customers. By launching this new innovative feature, the company aims at creating a new concept for the services it offers, as well as offering convenience with flexible plans that meet the different personal and professional needs of its prepaid customers.

Zain is committed to offer the most flexible and innovative offerings in the market for both prepaid and postpaid customers, reinforcing its leadership position and its pledge in offering the best services and offers to the largest family of subscribers in Kuwait.

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