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Zain participates in first Envirathon

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, recently took part in the nation’s first environmental marathon ‘Envirathon’ held at Shuwaikh beach. The event featured volunteers of all ages along with public and private sector officials, diplomats, and community members. Zain’s participation in this volunteer initiative came in line with its Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy towards supporting environmental efforts.

Through its well-focused strategy, the company is keen on supporting similar programs that preserve the environment, call for climate change action, and contribute to reflecting a positive image of the Kuwaiti community. Envirathon is considered the first environmental marathon of its kind in Kuwait and aimed at empowering youth and children to voice their opinion on environmental crises and climate change in a fun and active way. Students from across Kuwait’s schools were invited to join in cleaning Shuwaikh beach along with their families, public and private sector officials, diplomats, and community members.

Through its corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy, Zain is committed to building climate change scenarios that are aligned with the Paris Agreement (2015) to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate physical and environmental risks. The company is well aware of the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis the world is facing today.

Zain is keen on supporting any efforts that serve sustainability and environmental goals, as it believes this is a crucial topic that affects everyone. The company’s social message seeks to tackle the most important issues and reinforce the role of individual efforts like preserving natural resources, decreasing consumption, recycling, and other concepts that will contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change. Zain’s part does not stop at raising awareness and supporting environmental programs, but also extends to reducing its own footprint.

The company continues to exert more efforts into reducing the environmental footprint of its operations, including preserving natural resources, reducing energy consumption, recycling waste, implementing green solutions for water and electricity management, monitoring the company’s overall effects on climate change, and more.  Zain is keen on launching such initiatives that contribute to preserving Kuwait’s environment, as well as encouraging volunteering, recycling, and taking part in social activities for all age groups within the community. The company will spare no efforts to contribute to spreading positive awareness for a better environmental culture in the society.


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