Zain partners with Falcon’s Nest pitch competition

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced its partnership with Falcon’s Nest, the first of its kind pitch competition in Kuwait in collaboration with 500 Startups. The competition, held from 7 April – 2 May, offers a great opportunity for Kuwaiti startups to compete on a world-class level.

Zain’s partnership with the competition comes in line with its continuous keenness to be an active partner in supporting innovation and empowering Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, as well as take part in initiatives that contribute to infusing creativity within the entrepreneurial community through partnering with entities that aim at developing it on international, regional, and local levels.
Zain will host the pitch presentations at the Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) in the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh, where it will be part of the judging panel that will offer Kuwaiti entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their startups. The panel, which consists of business executives and specialists from the Kuwaiti private sector, will select the top 5 companies as the finalists who will win a mentorship and pitch training program by Silicon Valley venture capital firm 500 Startups.

The Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) is a hub for entrepreneurs and digital investments launched as a platform for the innovations of students, youth, and entrepreneurs. ZINC encourages young minds to think and act creatively outside of the norm in an open, supportive environment for entrepreneurs to generate new ideas and develop them into viable opportunities.

Zain affirms that it is committed to exerting more efforts into offering similar programs that enrich innovation and entrepreneurial development in Kuwait. The company will spare no efforts in making its capabilities and resources available as well as reinforce its collaboration with entities and organizations that provide such initiatives and actively develop Kuwaiti talents.
Encouraging and providing the proper resources for the local entrepreneurial community is a top priority for Zain. Through its active innovation strategy, the company is keen to contribute to Kuwait’s economic and national development, much of which will be driven by the country’s youth, entrepreneurs, and students.

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