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Zain ‘platinum sponsor’ of Ghamanda challenge

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The Ghamanda (Puzzle) challenge is a joint cooperation between the Kuwait Touristic Map project and the puzzle solving game, with platinum sponsorship by Zain. The aim is to activate facilities and forgotten touristic spots in Kuwait City and instill cultural and heritage information forgotten by some people and not transferred to the new generation.

This will be through several puzzles and challenges connected with each other, linking the places with a common story. Participants must solve them in sequence to solve the puzzle, so information in the puzzles will be instilled in the minds of participants following the search for correct information.

Contestants go through eras Kuwait City witnessed, so time takes them back to the era of pearl diving, then to the boom years until our current time, so participants will gain a unique experience about Kuwait’s past and present. The challenge is between 20 teams of four persons each to solve the puzzle. Their physical and mental abilities vary to solve the puzzles, as the team should not only be physically fit to win – rather there should be a balance between intelligence and fitness.

The motivational aspects to go through this challenge are several prizes to be presented to participants. As for the first three places, each will get the following: The first team will win a cash prize of KD 1,000, while second and third place teams will win valuable prizes from sponsors with an estimated value of KD 1,500.

Zain sponsors this distinguished challenge as part of its keenness on supporting various creative works in the society, especially those that augment the original patriotic identity and contribute to introducing Kuwait’s history and culture to new generations through creative means. The company is interested in supporting entities that provide a suitable environment for the next generation according to the highest standards, and will not spare any effort to support any entity that has an idea and vision characterized with creativity that serves the society.

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