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Zain sponsors Kuwait’s first Electric Vehicles Show

KUWAIT: Zain and Huawei officials during the event.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced its main sponsorship of the Kuwait Electric Vehicles Show (KEV) titled “Green Kuwait”. The event is the first roadshow of its kind in the nation to showcase the latest electric and hybrid vehicles available in the Kuwaiti market and aims at introducing the role of EVs in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

Zain was present at KEV through its dedicated booth, through which the company showcased the latest solar power and photoelectric technologies in collaboration with its global partner Huawei. Zain introduced visitors to the huge benefits behind solar and photoelectric innovations in preserving natural resources and mitigating climate change. This is especially true as solar power is one of the best sustainable sources for renewable energy to charge electric vehicles.

The Kuwait Electric Vehicles Show (Green Kuwait) is a special gathering that introduces the public to the latest EV and hybrid models available in the Kuwaiti market and features six local dealers that represent the biggest car brands in the world. The event also aims at gathering the public and private sectors to affirm the positive and active role of EVs in mitigating climate change and contributing to achieving carbon neutrality.

Zain showcased solar power technology at its booth.

Zain recently participated in the Global Digital Power Summit 2021, organized by Huawei on the sidelines of GITEX in Dubai, with the aim of enabling organizations to seize the opportunities inherent in renewable energy by relying on digital technologies to achieve sustainability goals.

Zain joins the global efforts that focus on digital energy business, where hopes are pinned on advancing digital transformation in the energy sector to eliminate carbon emissions. The company looks forward to the success of these efforts that seek to integrate digital and electrical technologies to generate safe energy, which is accelerating after the pandemic. The tech sector is currently looking to rely on safe energy, especially with the stage of economic recovery as a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The telecom sector is taking collaborative measures to be fully transparent about climate emissions resulting from the industry’s operations, and the sector has developed an industry-wide roadmap for climate action. The sector aims at achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Zain is one of the 50 telecom operators that make up more than two-thirds of mobile telecommunications companies in the world to reveal the impact of its operations on the climate, such as its energy consumption rates and greenhouse gases emissions.

Zain realizes that the risks of climate change are an unfolding crisis that poses serious risks to the prosperity and wellbeing of the region. The company is taking concerted actions in achieving its goals to reduce carbon emissions and is also committed in its operations to reducing its environmental footprint. Zain is committed towards initiatives that help reduce environmental impacts and is serious about playing a proactive role in building its operations, as well as managing its products, services, and value chain to achieve its goals related to reducing carbon emissions.

The company is keen on aligning its actions with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and with the goals of Paris Agreement, along with the recommendations of the Global Mobile Telecommunications Union (GSMA), and through digital transformation initiatives, expanding the reach of the list of services as much as possible.

The company is working to unleash many opportunities offered by the Sustainability Developmental Goals (SDGs), and as part of these efforts, Zain was keen to be a member of the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’ (CDP). The company took a decisive step in disclosing its climate impacts, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, and is now rated in this global project in Management Scope (B), making it the first telecom company in the Middle East and Africa region to achieve this rating in addressing climate change.


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