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Zain takes part in beach cleanup

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced its participation in a beach cleanup initiative that came under the patronage and attendance of Hawalli Governor Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf Al-Sabah. The campaign witnessed the participation of students from the schools of Hawalli Governorate, the Environmental Police, the Environmental Public Authority, and the Municipality of Kuwait with the aim of preserving Kuwait’s marine life.


This initiative falls under Zain’s Corporate Sustainability umbrella, and came as a continuation of its strategy towards the protection of the local marine environment, which is an integral part of the cherished Kuwaiti identity. The initiative received positive feedback by the participation of school students who all contributed as a team to clean the beach from harmful waste and left the beach in a clean and beautiful state.


Zain is keen on shouldering initiatives that contribute to preserving the Kuwaiti marine life, which is considered one of the main pillars of the valued Kuwaiti heritage. The company will spare no efforts to contribute to spreading positive awareness of a better environmental culture in the society, as well as involving its own employees in such campaigns and initiatives that give back to the community.


As part of its environmental contributions, Zain dedicated a brand new boat to the Kuwait Dive Team last year 2017, which is utilized to carry out marine preservation projects throughout the upcoming years. The boat is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, and is being used for removing wrecked ships and boats from the bottom of the ocean, removing abandoned fishing nets, installing and maintaining environment-friendly anchors, monitoring coral reefs, cleaning shores, islands, and beaches, documenting marine life, and more.


Zain’s support to the Kuwait Dive Team throughout the past 14 years comes under its Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy towards the environmental sector. The company’s sustainable goals closely focus on preserving the Kuwaiti environment, especially Kuwait’s marine life, and seeks to raise awareness of protecting it within the community.


During October 2016, the Kuwait Dive Team honored Zain in the occasion of completing 800 marine preservation missions using a boat the company dedicated to the team back in 2003. The newly dedicated boat from Zain is much more advanced, and features state of the art equipment that will ensure easy and fast marine preservation missions throughout the upcoming years.


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