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Zain visited students during final exams

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, visited grade 12 high school students during the final exams period in a contribution to ease the hot weather conditions faced by students and school staff at the end of the academic year.

Zain’s contribution came as part of its keenness to share this very important phase of the students’ academic life after their year-long efforts. The company continues to dedicate more initiatives and programs that enrich community contributions and add to the local education scene.

Zain’s team was present with grade 12 students and school staff in the morning to offer ice cream and help lessen the summer’s intense heat, which coincides with the year’s final exams. The team also wished the students all the best of luck in their exams.

Company officials with the school’s administration.

As a leading national company, Zain firmly believes in the importance of contributing to the progress of the education sector and looks to empower and prepare the youth for the important roles they will play in the future of the country.

Zain is fully committed to supporting young people in their development through a wide variety of community activities, including educational programs and career development initiatives. The company’s solid social and sustainability strategy is what drives it to continue being committed to support all sectors of society.

Zain’s tireless efforts have extended throughout the year, where it has launched its own social initiatives and supported existing community and social programs under its corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy.

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