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Zionist entity must be held accountable: Kuwait

Jamal Al-Ghunaim

GENEVA: Kuwait on Friday said it was imperative to hold the Zionist entity accountable for the “atrocities” it commits against the Palestinian people, urging the international community to find the root cause of such practices. Despite a ceasefire that halted the latest outbreak of violence across the Gaza Strip, the Zionist entity’s “provocative actions” remain unabated, which include its “illegal” settlement activity in occupied Palestinian territories, Kuwait’s permanent delegate to the UN-Geneva Jamal Al-Ghunaim told the Human Rights Council.

He excoriated the Zionist entity for “altering the historic landscape” of Jerusalem, in addition to “desecrating” the holy city’s fabled Al-Aqsa mosque, actions the Kuwaiti envoy said undermine global efforts to find a definitive solution to the Middle East conflict. The diplomat voiced his country’s “categorical rejection” of actions that violate established humanitarian laws and conventions, slamming the international community’s “silence” over the Zionist entity’s “varied infractions” of such laws.

“Kuwait’s unflinching support for the Palestinians is a cornerstone of its foreign policy,” he said, adding that the “Palestinian cause” will continue to take precedence over other matters until the ultimate goal of Palestinian statehood is achieved. – KUNA


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