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Zubaidi fishing season starts today

KUWAIT: Head of Kuwait Fishermen’s Union Thaher Al-Suwayan said the zubaidi (silver pomfret) fishing season will start today after a 45-day pause in Kuwait territorial waters. Suwayan wondered about the reason for the fishing ban in Kuwait as zubaidi is brought to Kuwait through outlets during the ban period. He demanded solutions to this chronic issue, either by lifting the ban or banning imports from neighboring countries during the ban period, because its sale encourages neighboring countries’ fishermen to fish zubaidi during the ban period and sell it to Kuwait as imported fish. “When we monitor the market during the ban period, we see tons of fresh zubaidi being brought to the market, which confirms that some neighboring countries are not complying with treaty signed with Kuwait since 2004 and earlier,” Suwayan said. He called upon concerned authorities and decision makers to reconsider the ban, especially since it does not serve fish stocks and does not increase them amid violations by some neighboring countries.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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